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Benefits of alternative medicine

 Benefits of alternative medicine

With the increasing number of people affected by new

He discovered chronic degenerative diseases such as AIDS and

chronic fatigue syndrome, are you worried or doubting ...

Is it possible to maintain good health?

What does your body need to function properly?

Why conventional medicine is getting more complicated and

expensive and in some cases simply ineffective?

natural healing: simple and traditional low-tech methods to prevent

diseases and solving everyday health problems.

Have unanswered questions about ...

Why do people flock to health food stores, with their

lotions and potions, and what keeps them coming back for more?

What to do if you or someone in your family gets sick?

Even mainstream doctors have started recommending

Dietary modifications, for example, have become the weapons of

mostly with prescription drugs a generation ago.

It is now known that many conditions are caused by a bad

diet and can be reversed with the right diet.

Heart disease, cancer, weight problems, arthritis, diabetes,

high blood pressure - all can be treated to some extent

with food.

Natural therapies found in alternatives

The medicine is actually much older than western treatments like

like surgeries and antibiotics. Experts estimate that herbal remedies

and Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, has existed

for 5,000 years.

Many alternative medicine remedies began with scientific research.

or clinical impressions reported by physicians working with

natural substances.

But now we live in a generation that has been separated from this

ancient tradition of self-reliance. Healing and health care

have become almost the exclusive province of the

doctors. While doctors and other professionals, in fact,

it's good to have him around, what's not so good is when you can't

do anything without them.

Shouldn't we be able to do something to save our health?

even our lives - without a doctor?

What happens when medical help is not so readily available?

What happens when medical treatment just doesn't work?

Some of us go to doctor after doctor and still don't get help. It is

that the end of the line?

While antibiotics have saved millions of lives, they have not

actually solved a resurgence of germs that are popping up in

new ways that do not respond to conventional therapies.

Health. The rising cost of health care is a factor in the recent increase

of interest in alternative medicine.

Many people are drawn to the emphasis of alternative doctors

in treating the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Plus

Importantly, some physicians use intensive counseling to help

patients discover whether aspects of their daily life, such as

as job stress, marital problems, diet, or sleeping habits can

be behind your symptoms.

In this era of managed care and impersonal group practices, patients

find this individualized approach to alternative medicine

particularly attractive.

One of the main goals of natural healing is to break the

cycle of dependency and allow people to have more control over

Their own lives.

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