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Two hundred years after Newton's experience with an apple, Sir James Maxwell proposed electromagnetism as a stronger force in the universal scheme, one that controls the exchange of electrons between atoms that Hawkings points out "is the basis of all biology, life itself". We have before us a splendid path of discovery and therapy.

Maxwell's defining electromagnetism was instrumental in creating the modern era of physics in the early 20th century. Einstein spent the last third of his life trying to explain how gravity, electromagnetism, and two other fundamental forces controlled all interactions in a single universal theory that is still followed today.

Instead of joining the scientific world in these revolutionary understandings, traditional medicine published the Flexner report in 1910, eradicating electromagnetism from all medical curricula in the United States and shutting down 170 institutions in the name of the "medical science" they supported. those "irregular" teachings. The treatment that half the population of the United States adopted in the 1850s was no longer available, given a political coup that rebuked the best of science. Drugs and surgery became lords and lords of everything they surveyed, imposters to the throne in a kingdom that deserved better.

Robert Royal Rife was desecrated and harassed to the point of suicide for his beliefs. Unfortunately, his genius only opened the door when electro-molecular medicine was carefully hijacked in the care of orthopedic fractures rather than redefining the entire human condition as it is inevitably destined to do.

In 1972, American cardiologists traveled to Moscow to witness the restoration of different heart conditions using electromagnetism and found "quite impressive IF they were telling the truth" (first rule: discredit the source). The work of the Myasnikov Institute was not reported, as another opportunity to embrace the electro-molecular understanding of our "electric body" was missed. Arthritis, strokes, and spinal cord injuries come to mind as similar oversights that are successfully treated in Europe.

In 2003, Thomas Goodwin and Robert Dennis defined the "most bioefficient" pulse characteristics in a decisive understanding of the electromolecular events surrounding the response of genes to injury. Electromagnetism, a fundamental energy since the planet was born, influences chemical reactions in us as living systems; What can be more natural?

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