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Ayurveda Body Types Dosha and Body Types Are Described As Vata, Pitta or Kapha

Ayurveda Body Types

Ayurveda Body Types

Dosha and Body Types Are Described As Vata, Pitta or Kapha

Getting To Know Your Dosha Answers The Question : What Is Your Body Type

Ayurveda body types are determined by the combination of the elements.

The five elements combine to form the three principal forces, the doshas. Each person contains all three, vata, pitta and kapha.

These must be kept in balance for that person to remain healthy. Each person has a predominant vata, pitta or kapha dosha.

This means, for example, if you are super tall and thin, get dry skin easily,tend toward anxiety and constipation, you have a predominantly vata dosha.

Take A Free Dosha Test Below By Answering Yes or No to Questions.

Then counting The Results of "Yeses" in each Categories. The highest number is your Predominant Doshic Body Type, Second Highest Number is Second Most Predominant etc

Ayurveda Body Type Systems Help You Determine Your Tendencies and Predisposition

Body types individualize the Ayurvedic practices and techniques including recommendations for food and herbal teas, meditation, yoga, and exercise—by tailoring them to each dosha (body composition).

These fundamental practices strengthen your underlying constitution and treat the whole person and your overall disease pattern, not just the symptom.

In order to get the most out of these techniques, then, you need to know your body composition and how they express themselves within your prakruti and vikruti. There are other advantages to determining your prakruti and vikruti as well.

Understanding who you are,and why you are the way you are, and how outside influences affect you physically and emotionally familiarizes you with the positive and negative characteristics of your body composition.

Understanding your body types is wonderfully liberating—instead of judging yourself and others, of wanting to change or "break" yourself or other people, you can develop a love and tolerance as well as a whole set of tools that allows you to encourage balance in your body aspects of your body compositions to emerge. You can better recognize the negative characteristics in the future and take appropriate steps to balance them on a daily basis, before symptoms set in. And you have a consistent means of measuring positive changes. THE VATA BODY TYPE

  • Do you have low body weight and /or find it hard to gain weight____
  • Does your skin tend to be dry _________
  • Are you tall and thin or short with a poorly developed physique____
  • Do you have dry or coarse hair _______
  • Do you have a a variable and erratic appetite ______
  • Do you tend to have mental chatter _______
  • Do you have a quick, adaptable, imaginative mental nature ______
  • Do you tend to have fearful, anxious or nervous emotions _______
  • Are you a light sleeper with a tendency to insomnia ________
  • Are you sensitive to cold, wind and dryness _______
  • Do you have quick unsteady, erratic or hyperactive behavior _____
  • Are your moods changeable; are you easily excited _______

TOTAL for VATA _______


  • Do you tend towards a moderate body weight with good muscle tone___
  • Do you tend to have skin disturbances ____
  • Do you have a medium frame with a moderately developed physique ___
  • Do you have fine or thinning hair, early graying or baldness ______
  • Do you have a strong and sharp appetite ________
  • Are you prone to digestive disturbances _________
  • Do you have a penetrating and critical intellect ______
  • Are you easily angered, irritable or contentious ________
  • Are you a moderate sleeper ___________
  • If awakened, it is it hard to get back to sleep _______
  • Are you sensitive to heat, fire and the sun ______________
  • Are you motivated, purposeful and goal-seeking ________
  • Do you have intense moods which change slowly __________

TOTAL for PITTA _______


  • Do you have a heavy frame tending toward overweight ________
  • Does your skin tend to be oily ____________
  • Are you short, stout, big or have a well developed physique _____
  • Do you have abundant, thick, wavy, oily hair ________
  • Do you have a constant, but low appetite _______
  • Do you tend to have a congestive nature ______
  • Do you have a slow, steady mental nature ________
  • Do you have a calm, content committed emotional nature _________
  • Are you a heavy sleeper with difficulty waking up __________
  • Are you sensitive to the cold and damp ___________
  • Do you like the wind and sun _______________
  • Are you slow in moving, steady and stately in activity _________
  • Do you tend to be stubborn ________________
  • Do your moods tend to be non-moving __________

TOTAL for KAPHA _______


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