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Alternative Medicine Acupuncture: Pinpointing A Cure?

Alternative Medicine Acupuncture: Pinpointing A Cure?

Alternative Medicine Acupuncture: Pinpointing A Cure?

Alternative medicine acupuncture is a Chinese medical science that uses very fine needles to cure patients. Under this alternative and complementary medicine, toning up energy flow in the body cures an ailment.

According to the practitioners of Alternative medicine acupuncture specialists, a human body has 14 energy channels, known as meridians, which control a body's health. These meridians are linked to all important organs and parts of the body. On each energy channel there are scores of pressure points known as acupoints. The alternative medicine acupuncture estimates the number of these acupoints to be over 300.

All that the acupuncturist needs to do is to locate the acupoint that is connected to the organ that has become diseased. After that he needs to insert the needle or needles at this or related acupoints to regulate energy flow. The patient is cured as soon as the doctor sets right the energy imbalance.

The World Health Organization has listed almost 100 conditions that can be cured with the alternative medicine acupuncture. Among the ailments where acupuncture can bring relief are: asthma, headaches, menstrual and digestive problems, high blood pressure and pain. Interestingly, this Chinese science is now also being used in obstetrics and to ease labor pains.

In alternative medicine acupuncture, the diagnosis of a disease is a very elaborate process. The patient is asked to lie down on a couch for inspection. The doctor then examines the patient's wrist, very much like a conventional doctor checks a pulse. The only difference is that the practitioner of alternative medicine acupuncture is looking for energy flows along different meridians.

A quick tapping will be done on the abdomen and other major pressure points to check for tenderness or pain. The doctor will also check the patient's tongue, voice quality, body odors etc to come to a conclusion which organ is affected, and which acupoints need to be activated.

A small array of needles, numbering from one to 25 may be inserted along the meridian or related meridians depending upon the nature of the problem, and the cure required.

Generally, the patients may experience a mild tingling or slight numbness when the needles are inserted. Otherwise, there is no discomfort in alternative medicine acupuncture.

The needles are very fine, and are generally made of stainless steel. A few needles may even be of gold or silver. All needles are sterilized to avoid infection. Several practitioners of alternative medicine acupuncture practicing in the west prefer to throw away the needles after every use to avoid chances of infection.

The number of sessions needed to cure an ailment depends upon the ailment and its intensity. Generally, ten sessions are considered adequate for moderate problems in alternative medicine acupuncture. Chronic or acute problems may require the patient to return for several more sessions.

The alternative medicine acupuncture is a safe therapy and free from side affects, when handled by a trained practitioner. When conducted properly, the patient of alternative medicine acupuncture can experience a feeling of well being. Sometimes, acupuncture not only cures one ailment, but may have a happy affect on another problem that a patient may be suffering from. This happens because energy flows across the body are toned up.


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