Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Alternative Medicine Cancer - Is It Possible?

Alternative Medicine Cancer

Alternative Medicine Cancer - Is It Possible?

Looking for information concerning alternative medicine for cancer? Yes, there are a lot of different sites and alternative medicine centers which offer you treatment from this disease but can you believe all these advertisements? How to distinguish real alternative medicine doctors from charlatans?

But, probably, the most important question is whether there is alternative medicine for cancer at all. According to different researches there is no such a treatment. But how is it possible if so many people ensure us that they have recovered due to some therapies? The representatives of standard methods of treatment suppose that it is only a placebo effect, when a person just believes that he will recover and it really happens. But still, the same scientists assert that in accordance with various investigations which were held not a year those who use alternative medicine for cancer in conjunction with standard treatment dead earlier than those who prefer only standard methods.

Sounds not very good. And even horrible. But I would believe in all these things if I didn't know some stories. And the most important thing is that the heroes of these stories are my relatives, so I can be sure that it is not an advertisement or something like that.

My uncle and my grandmother suffer from cancer. The uncle - from carcinoma ex ulcere and the grandmother from breast cancer. It was not easy and probably I will never find out how difficult, but they both are alive now, though 7 years passed. My grandmother were operated and as usual in such situations, a doctor said that she may live at best a year, taking into consideration her age and so on. The wife of my uncle just started to look for different alternative medicine for cancer recipes and found one. My grandmother also began to look for alternative medicine.

Do you want to know what are these recipes which help them? First of all, they use different ingredients and live very far from one another. But what can be said about the alternative medicine for cancer? As a rule it is not very easy to follow all these tips. You should prepare different decoctions every day and drink them in special hours. Sometimes it is not very easy to find all the necessary ingredients for these recipes. So, you need some effort. For some people such alternative medicine for cancer seems to be non-effective and even stupid, but the others who really want to recover and do everything possible and impossible, start to follow such systems.

I don't know, probably it is really a so called placebo effect, or just special proportion of different ingredients, or attentiveness to our organism when you all the time think that you should not forget to drink these decoctions. But it really works!

And the last thing. You know that even the representatives of conventional medicine agree that stresses and our attitude to life influence greatly on our state of health. I notice that my uncle and grandmother have become more easy-tempered, really found a lot of interesting things in this life on which they always have no time and on the whole they are not the persons they used to be. I wish you to be so strong as they are and find the alternative medicine recipe which really help you. And of course, don't forget to consult with your doctor, because they also play very important role in our recovering and can offer advice concerning harmful ingredients. Because as usual, the cure is the poison in special proportion.


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