Thursday, January 7, 2021

Alternative Medicine Criticism - Does It Work?

Alternative Medicine Criticism

Alternative Medicine Criticism - Does It Work?

Alternative medicine popularity caused by a great interest to different Oriental philosophies and theories concerning life and state of health in particular has no support in the world of conventional medicine. Will these two branches always contradict or a compromise can be made? Reading different articles, it seems to me that alternative medicine criticism has been forever. Every time something new appeared in the world of doctors and treatment, there were a lot of indignant exclamations. But of course, I don't want to tell that health alternative medicine has no drawbacks and on the whole is better than standard methods of treatment. But don't negate everything!

Do you agree with me that as usual a patient doesn't want to tell his doctor that he starts to follow some alternative medicine branches? Why is it so? Just because a patient doesn't want to destroy the good relationship with a doctor. But on the contrary, it will be better if a doctor can examine a patient taking into account his new "passion". So, in this case the usual alternative medicine criticism is harmful for both of them. Well, someone may raise an objection that a doctor should worn a patient about different side effects, that's all. I don't agree with it. We can read about side-effects, various prices and history of alternative medicine just visiting alternative medicine online sites. What we need is a support of a person who we trust. And I suppose a doctor should be such a person.

But what as usual he says us? Don't do it, because it is harmful (stupid, out of the question, useless). Sounds not very earnestly, especially for a person who needs hope and tries to struggle with some disease using any possibility. So, probably it is better to communicate with patients and try to explain them not only drawbacks, but also advantages of such treatment. So, that he really has the opportunity to make the right choice!

The other thing is that the most part of scientists and physicians prefer to speak about this only on different meetings or publish their reports in different scientific magazines. But common people don't read them! As usual we read ordinary newspapers or look for information in the Internet, so even your reasonable alternative medicine criticism can't be heard and taken into consideration.


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