Friday, January 8, 2021

Alternative Medicine Efficacy - Is It A Myth?

Alternative Medicine Efficacy

Alternative Medicine Efficacy - Is It A Myth?

Notwithstanding all the alternative medicine criticism these methods of treatment have become very popular nowadays. Is it just a new fashion tendency or these methods are really effective? There are a lot of supporters who believe in alternative medicine efficacy and who really try to promote such kinds of treatment all over the world. As usual, talking about alternative medicine efficacy we imagine some ancient times when people know different secrets which now are lost. But on the other hand, doesn't technological advance brought us new technologies and knowledge which are more important than those which we discovered centuries ago?

Notwithstanding the reasons a treatment should help and in this case it doesn't matter whether you prefer standard or health alternative methods. But what can be said about alternative medicine efficacy. Well, first of all, you should know that these types of methods are licensed by the government in some Oriental countries, which are the alternative medicine origins. So, it can be asserted that they really do. The other question is how the Western people change these theories and philosophies for their understanding. It should be noticed that for the Oriental countries the alternative medicine efficacy is based on long term learning and so it is a kind of philosophy, it is possible to study it for the whole life.

But in our cases, as usual alternative medicine centers offer you the support of specialists who learn these theories only within 2 months or so. In other words, probably, it is a real danger and the words of alternative medicine efficacy opponents can be reasonable.

The other thing is that the most part of scientists suppose that the phenomenon of alternative medicine efficacy can be explained by the placebo effect. There are well-known cases when the patients were given ordinary water and said that it was a very good treatment, and... the patients recovered. But whether there is something harmful if persons notwithstanding the reasons recovered! Well, belief is very important thing for recovering, and it doesn't matter whether you prefer standard or alternative methods of treatment. But it is not the only reason of alternative medicine efficacy.

In my opinion, homemade alternative medicine is the other source for those who need that something be done, for those who don't want to give up or just interested in everything new. The other thing is that this treatment should not be harmful for you, so choose among the alternative medicine branches properly. Thus, there is a great difference between aromatherapy or yoga and acupuncture or shiatsu. Consult with your doctor and don't think that you know more than he does. 


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