Saturday, January 9, 2021

Alternative Medicine Glossary For You

Alternative Medicine Glossary

Alternative Medicine Glossary For You

Want to learn more about alternative medicine branches? Don't know the difference between acupuncture and Shiatsu? This alternative medicine glossary will help you a lot!

Osteopathy. According to alternative medicine glossary, this is a method of treatment which is based on manual techniques, in other words special massage. This health alternative medicine origin is the USA. The main principles of this method are that a body is a complete system, which can regulate all the processes in the organism and revitalize it. But sometimes it is necessary to "help" our organism to start to work. There are a lot of nerves in a backbone and manual treatment with a diet help the patients to recover from injuries and different disorders. As usual this medicine treatment is appropriate for people who suffer from back pain, menstrual pain, asthma, different pulmonary disorders.

But of course, there is alternative medicine criticism, concerning this type of treatment. First of all, a patient should find only a professional doctor, because such manipulations with one's back may be very harmful, because this therapy is rather painful and may lead to jam of vertebral nerve.

Ayurveda. This is ancient therapy which is based on knowledge of predecessors and their theories concerning life. Ayurveda can be translated as "knowledge of life". Nowadays the most people of India, Sri Lanka and Nepal use this knowledge in their daily life. The main principles of this system is that a body can be healthy when there is a balance between all its systems, which consist of Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water). All tastes of food have influence on our body and the processes in it. It should be mentioned that Ayurveda is a licensed practice in India, though the European countries don't hasten to approve this alternative medicine as effective one. And even assert that this alternative medicine can be harmful for a person, because we don't get used to all these herbs and minerals. Though this system really may help you to learn to live in harmony.

Reiki. This alternative medicine branch is based on healing with hands. Of course, not everyone can treat in such a way, only the persons who have access to such energy and gained it through several initiations. As usual, a patient should lie on a special table and an alternative medicine doctor starts placing his hands on recipient in different positions. A doctor may even not touch a patient. All this last for 45 minutes or so. Thus a doctor restores the energy in the organism of a patient. But of course, there are also several tips which are very important for successful treatment. First of all, a patient should believe that this alternative medicine help him. The other thing is his mental condition. The secret is to follow several simple rules (or probably, they are not so simple if you start to follow them). So, don't be angry, don't be worried, be grateful, work hard in order to improve yourself and be kind to others. But perhaps, these statements are true for every person who wants to live a healthy and happy life.


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