Sunday, January 10, 2021

Alternative Medicine Legal Issues - Pros And Cons

Alternative Medicine Legal Issues

Alternative Medicine Legal Issues - Pros And Cons

Reading numerous articles concerning alternative medicine criticism, I always can't understand why this kind of treatment is not prohibited if it is so dangerous according to the statements of such reliable people? Or probably, all these are done in order to change the alternative medicine legal issues?

According to nowadays alternative medicine legal issues, there is so called "the right to health", which states that no one can prohibit or impend traditional care, practices and medicines. On the other hand there is obligation from marketing unsafe drugs and from applying coercive medical treatments.

The most part of all the opponents of alternative medicine efficacy asserts that this kind of treatment can't be safety because there is no researches were held concerning this. But still they offer us the facts which are based on some researches. Don't you suppose that they contradict with themselves?

For example, alternative medicine for cancer. There were a lot of investigations in accordance with which it is stated that those patients who use the alternative medicine in conjunction with conventional treatment were dead earlier than those who turn only to standard methods of treatment. But all these are not the researches of a day! And even a year! So, it can be said that different investigations concerning health alternative medicine are held, the other question why we can't see their results.

Probably, everything because of alternative medicine legal issues. As usual the alternative medicine doctors accuse the representatives of conventional methods of treatment of concealing the results of researches, just because alternative methods may lead to negative profits. How it can be possible? Just imagine that there is an excellent cure for heart diseases. It is not expensive and wide spread, so all the people who suffer from blood pressure problems or something like that can afford it. But there are so many institutes, departments and clinics where a lot of operations are held, the other thing is pharmaceutical factories. Do you know that the most part of people who suffer from blood pressure have to take medicine every day? Just imagine what losses it may cause!

Of course, for some people all these seems to be unbelievable but still we can't deny that there is no such precedents. On the other hand some alternative medicine centers offer not very qualified service, so it can be said that different alternative medicine legal issues really help to hold in check some charlatans.


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