Thursday, January 14, 2021

Alternative Medicine Regulation Drawbacks

Alternative Medicine Regulation Drawbacks

Alternative Medicine Regulation Drawbacks

The problem of alternative medicine regulation appeared not so long ago. Or probably on the contrary it has existed for many centuries. 

Every time when something new appeared (whether it will be a new cure for heart diseases or just some diet) people start to negotiate it and find the drawbacks. Of course, such alternative medicine criticism may even help people to understand what is right for them and what things they should avoid. But still the alternative medicine regulation is not perfect, because there is no bill, concerning different alternative medicine centers and cures.

Every person is able to choose the kind of treatment that he wants, and no one can force him, but sometimes we need a piece of advice from our doctors. And as a rule, we may just listen to simple "No, it is out of the question!" and even get no no explanations. But a person who is eager for any decision of his problem may even not to listen to such advice and visit alternative medicine centers at any case. The other thing is that some things can be harmful for him, but a doctor doesn't talk with him about this.

So, the lack of information or just the information which is based on scanty judgment (only negative or positive) are the main problems of alternative medicine regulation. I don't want to tell that alternative medicine is not efficient, but there are such cases when it was really harmful for a person. So, for example, probably all of us know about the good influence of Echinacea which is famous by its ability to boost the body's immune system and ward off infections, particularly the common cold. But do you know that this plant is harmful for those who suffer from cancer? Just like this Echinacea boost the immune system, it also boost the cancer cells development.

Well, there is no decision of this problem and probably it will appear not very quickly. The only thing we can do is to provide all the patients and just the people who don't suffer from different disorders, but still want to improve their health, about the advantages and drawbacks of alternative medicine, because there can't be only negative influence of this kind of treatment. Nobody will believe in such things when so many people tell that this kind of cure really help them.


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