Thursday, January 14, 2021

Alternative Medicine vs Conventional Medicine Info

Alternative Medicine vs Conventional Medicine

Alternative Medicine vs Conventional Medicine Info

Have you ever tried to turn to alternative medicine? Some people even don't want to confess that they use this kind of treatment while the others on the contrary, try to agitate everybody by their example. But do you believe in alternative medicine efficacy?

As a rule, the most part of representatives of conventional medicine are against of any kind of alternative treatment. One of the main arguments is the lack of scientific researches in this field. To be precise, there is no researches at all, which will be able to confirm the alternative medicine efficacy. But still, why so many people believe in all these kinds of treatment?

First of all, we all need hope. And alternative medicine promises everybody that she can recover. So, that's why alternative medicine for cancer is so popular. Where the conventional medicine has no power to do, the alternative medicine offers a lot of different recipes. And won't you believe if someone tells you that there is a treatment for your horrible disease?

But there are a lot of people who has no disease at all, just several symptoms that's all, and still they turn to the alternative medicine centers. What are their reasons? If you investigate the alternative medicine branches, you will find out that the most part of this kind of treatment is painless and sometimes even pleasant. I mean different aroma massages, aromatherapy on the whole, color therapy and yoga. Isn't it interesting for you to learn more about such practices and even try them?

Of course, there is nothing harmful if a person needs the things which will be interesting for her and help her to have a good time. But we are talking about alternative medicine doctors who promise the cure for people who really suffer from their disorders. Who is right: the doctors who rely only upon investigations and believe that only proved treatment can be used, or the others who ensure us that everything depends on a person and that her believe and the knowledge of our predecessors will help?

In my opinion, there are drawbacks in both conventional and alternative medicines. Different speculations in order to make some cure approved by various committees, inhumane attitude of some doctors to their patients, red tape and many more. A lot of charlatans, who promises everything and really may offer you the things which are harmful for your organism, lack of information and just no guarantee. All these really don't add credibility to the people whom we trust our health and... life.

But don't tell me that you have no choice or something like that. The alternative medicine is right in one very important thing. Everything depends on you! What a doctor to choose, whom to believe and on the whole whether something should be done or not. The other thing is to learn everything properly and feel the difference between the people who just earn money on you and people who can really help you!


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