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General Alternative Medicine Health Principles Appropriate to All Types of Cancer


General Alternative Medicine Health Principles Appropriate to All Types of Cancer

Twenty-five years ago anyone such as the brilliant Dr. William Donald Kelley who had the audacity to suggest that cancer was environmentally or nutritionally related was labeled a "quack". Today, the official position of medical authorities is that at least 70% of cancer has an environmental or nutritional component. And, finally, the protocols of Dr. Kelley are being investigated by government funded studies. Alternative medicine has subscribed to that position for decades. Environment and nutrition are two areas you can deal with without drugs or physicians. You can take charge of this component of your health and you will be surprised at what appropriate changes will do for you.

There is an incredible maize of confusing information on the different non-medical approaches to cancer. You have probably already discovered that fact as you have searched the web. The information is so vast and the therapies so numerous that we will offer only a broad outline of how you can organize your search with the goal of arriving at a logical plan for your particular problem. You will find at the end of these pages listings of books, web sites, resources and laboratories that can provide you with information. If you combine the general principles we provide you here with what those resources have to offer, it will give you a good start in your quest for better health.

You will greatly appreciate the services of an alternative medicine physician to guide you through the information on cancer that is out there. To approach the subject without a professional consultant will be a very confusing and frustrating and probably unsuccessful endeavor.

Healthy bodies do not get cancer. Sick bodies get cancer. To conquer cancer you must first get that concept firmly in mind. If you have breast cancer, it is not just your breast that is sick. The same applies to prostate or any other kind of cancer. Cancer must be viewed for what it is; failure of the body to maintain health. The lump or bump that the surgeon removes is not the whole problem. It is a manifestation of the problem. So often, we are told after surgery that "we got it all". Yes, the lump has been removed but health has not been restored. The lump may appear again. To overcome cancer is probably the biggest challenge you will ever face. It is not a problem where you can go to the doctor and say "here is my body, fix it". Medicine can fix the lump but it is up to you to regain your health. Your doctor will probably not offer much help in this regard. It is your challenge to return your body to that state wherein the cancer will not reoccur. It requires a tremendous amount of self discipline. But, you can do it. Thousands of others have regained their health and so can you. To do so, you must think in terms of what it was that gave you cancer and what you must do to reverse the problem. Regardless if you are currently undergoing cancer therapy or not, these principles still apply. With that in mind, here are the steps you will want to consider to achieve your goal: 

Step 1. Try to identify the causes of your cancer.

  • a. Are you a smoker?
  • b. Did you spend time working in a toxic environment? Heavy metals such as lead and cadmium are implicated in cancer as well as many other illnesses. Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke, welding rod, and old galvanized water pipes. How about chemical exposure such as insecticides or other products?
  • c. Do you have allergies to petroleum products?
  • d. Have you recently gone through a period of high stress?
  • e. Have you spent a life time of bad eating habits especially void of fruits and vegetables?
  • f. Are you obese? Chronically constipated?
  • g. Have you used drugs or medications such as birth control pills long-term? Have you abused alcohol?
  • h. Have you lived near industrial sites giving off pollutants? Near high tension power lines? Near freeways?
  • i. Have you been exposed to radiation?

Step 2. Work to reverse the identified causes.

  • a. If you smoke, quit. If you are not willing to quit smoking, probably the protocols we outline here are not for you because of the self discipline they require. Frankly, if you will not quit smoking, there probably isn't much hope.
  • b. Regarding toxins and their effect on your health, the ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies Laboratories page offers a blood test which can identify dozens of environmental toxins and food allergies. The report from the lab includes suggestions for you to remove identified toxins from your system. We enthusiastically recommend their ELISA/ACT test to help you identify hidden causes.
  • c. Detoxify your body. There are a number of good ways to do this and you will want to choose a detox protocol which fits your specific needs. Again, a clinical nutritionist experienced in cancer will help you.
  • d. Adopt a strict organic health food diet. Our food supply contains pesticide residue, herbicide residue, hormones, antibiotics and numerous other additives and preservatives which compromise the immune system. Your goal is to eat as closely to the garden as possible. Avoid all the chemicals. If there are words you can't pronounce on a food label, it's probably an additive that you should avoid. Among the worst are nitrates and nitrites which are primarily used as preservatives in meats.
  • e. Limit your intake of red meat. In his book Cancer, Curing the Incurable, Dr. William Donald Kelley stated that meat should be restricted to fish and fowl and should be eaten before 1:00 P.M. All meat should be organically grown. Studies have shown that vegetarians live longer.
  • f. Limit your intake of animal fat. Fat has been linked to the incidence of several types of cancer. Particularly bad and to be avoided at all costs are the partially hydrogenated oils or trans-fats. These are the oils used for deep frying and in snack foods.
  • g. Eat a high fiber diet. Fiber from fruits, vegetables and grains have shown to be protective against various forms of cancer.
  • h. Avoid alcohol, white sugar, white flour, caffeine, soda, fried foods, junk foods, processed, packaged foods, and fluorinated water and toothpaste.
  • i. Take supplements appropriate to your metabolic type and cancer. Here are a few core supplements which are common to most cancer dietary protocols. It is beyond the scope of our purpose to detail how each of these products work or if they are appropriate for you. However, the resources listed at the end of this article will do just that.

Pancreatic and digestive enzymes. We usually recommend the product "Wobenzyme". Also consider a hydrochloric acid digestive supplement.

Antioxidants including B complex, vitamin A, E, C, D, CoQ10, folic acid, n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and selenium.

Herbs including garlic, onion, indol-3-carbinol (from broccoli), curcumin, Esiac tea, green tea, and a whole food supplement such as Juice Plus.

Minerals, preferably in the ionic form which is much better absorbed at the cellular level. Minerals associated with improved cancer risk are calcium, magnesium, iodine, selenium, and zinc.

Other basic products include omega three and six fatty acids, conjugated linolenic acid, flax oil, whey protein, shark cartilage soy (especially in breast and prostate cancer. Estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer patients should NOT use soy products), lactobacillis acidophilus, and apricot pits (source of the controversial Laetrille).

Breast cancer patients should become familiar with the benefits of natural progesterone creme as explained in Dr. Lee's book What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Breast Cancer (see below).

Breast cancer patients should also be aware of a product called "calcium d-glucarate".


Glyconutrients are a rapidly rising star in the world of alternative medicine. There are a number of good studies and many anecdotal reports and case histories reporting the effectiveness of glyconutrients in dealing with cancer. For case histories and other related valuable information please visit Glyconutrition. To read the science and studies behind glyconutritionals please visit We strongly urge you to make a study of glyconutritionals and the benefit they may offer.

j. Avoid obesity. Yes, obesity is associated with a variety of types of cancer. If you are overweight, loose it!

Step 3. Fine tune your musculoskeletal system with chiropractic.

Chiropractic works with the nervous system. Virtually every body function has a nervous system component. Chiropractic is based upon the premise that spinal misalignment can adversely affect your nervous system. For optimal health, you need the spine and nervous system checked and maintained by your chiropractor. Adjunctive modalities which chiropractors may offer are acupuncture, physical therapy, and massage. In addition, some chiropractors are board certified in clinical nutrition which makes them your choice for primary care alternative medicine physicians. Nutrition certified chiropractors can usually order your lab tests, monitor your progress and work with your other physicians.

Step 4. Prayer. There are good medical studies that have shown that people who are prayed for get well faster than those who are not prayed for. In the studies, the patients did not know they were being prayed for and still exhibited better improvement than those similar cases who were not prayed for. Find a good Bible centered evangelical Christian pastor and ask him and his church to pray for you.

Step 5. Your spiritual health. If you or a loved one have cancer, reality says that you may be closer to meeting God face-to-face than you were before you had cancer. With that in mind, we are obligated to offer you the following verses from the Bible describing the state of man and what each individual can do to find peace with God. Adapted from a booklet published by Billy Graham, please consider:

We have all fallen short of God's standard. Romans 3:10.

We're all sinners. Romans 3:23.

Because we're sinners, we all die physically and spiritually. Romans 6:23.

Christ solved the sin problem by dying in our place. Romans 5:8.

We have to accept the free gift of salvation by belief in what Christ did. Romans 10: 9-13.

Having believed, we can know for sure we are saved and on our way to eternal life in heaven one day. I John 5:11-13.

If you have never done so, you can talk to God in a prayer something like this: “God, I know I am a sinner and that Christ died to pay the penalty for my sins. I now invite Jesus Christ to be my personal savior and forgive me of my sins. Thank you for hearing my prayer”. If you prayed that prayer, find another Christian and tell him/her about it.

The Bible, in First John 5:11-13 assures you that when you die, whether from cancer or other causes, if you prayed this prayer, you will have eternal life in heaven with Him.


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