Saturday, January 16, 2021

Health Alternative Medicine - Is It Harmful?

Health Alternative Medicine - Is It Harmful?

Health Alternative Medicine - Is It Harmful?

What can be the worst thing you can hear from your doctor? "Sorry, but I can't help you", or "Sorry, but nothing will help you"? As usual, after such a phrase some people really stop to fight while the others... try to find any decision. In my opinion, it is very inhumane to tell a person that nothing can be done. Some of us are weak and can't continue the treatment without a doctor, which embodies support and hope. Or, probably, it is right to tell a person that nothing can be done? Just pay attention to the words "I" and "nothing" in above mentioned sentences. Do you feel the difference?

Nowadays alternative methods of treatment have become very popular. Do people start to avoid to turn to the conventional medicine at all? Of course, it is not so, and as a rule people decide to follow the offers of health alternative medicine only if conventional medicine is powerless. Of course, there are a lot of critics of such methods, especially concerning alternative medicine for cancer. It is considered that health alternative medicine for such a disease can't help in any case and even precipitate death. There are different investigations according to which the patients who follow standard medical care for cancer are divided into two groups: those who follow only standard treatment and those who coincide it with health alternative medicine. Such researches show that death rates are higher in alternative medicine users than those who prefer standard methods. But what should we do with those who tell us that they survived from such a disease just following the offers of homemade alternative medicine?

Of course, we all need hope that we are able to cope with any problems in our life, but still you should distinguish the people who really can help you and those who make profits on your disaster! I don't want to say that health alternative medicine can't help you, just choose the right people. How you are able to do this? Nowadays there are a lot of advertisement of alternative medicine online, but I offer you advice to turn to the alternative medicine doctors who use alternative approaches in conjunction with conventional medicine.

But still don't suppose that your doctor don't want to help you if telling that some health alternative medicine don't work and even may be harmful for you. In any case, he knows more than you. The other question is to try to tell him that you need explanation of his thoughts so that you also understand why it is so.


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