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You will likely not receive much guidance regarding the boosting of your immune system from anyone but a good nutritionist or alternative medicine practitioner. We will give you some brief guidelines to follow. Be sure and review the adrenal fatigue discussion to be found in the hypoglycemia and hypothyroid pages of this web site. The adrenal gland is a very important player in your immune system. The links are listed below.

Persons with depressed immune function are those who seem to catch every “bug” that comes along. The problem needs to first be addressed by asking what is causing it. One of the most common immunodepressing substances in our environment is hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats. This is the oil in which they cook French fries, chips, snacks and a multitude of other foods. In the body, hydrogenated fat leads to the production of hormones called series 2 prostaglandins which are inflammation producing and not to be desired. Yet, if you read labels, you will find such fats in a lot of foods, especially fast foods and packaged foods. Read the label of your snack foods to see if it includes the term "partially hydrogenated" or "trans fats". The fast food and snack food industries are currently moving quietly to remove these fats from their products.

Another known impairment to good cellular immunity is plain old every day sugar. Did you know the average consumption in the U.S. is now over 140 pounds per year? No wonder we're all sick! In one study, 100 grams of sugar per day decreased the activity of the immune system. Read some labels and see how much you get in a day. You'll be surprised.

Other common yet overlooked causes of immunodepression are the toxic heavy metals in our environment. The most common is cadmium which is found in welding rod, cigarettes and old house galvanized water pipes. Welders should be especially aware of the toxicity of cadmium. Another is lead which is in many industrial settings. Also, mercury can be a problem for some people and though it is controversial, there is some evidence that the mercury in dental fillings can leak into the body. You should think about the possibility of having been exposed to these toxins sometime in your life. If you are suspicious, a simple hair analysis ordered by your practitioner will check it out. Doctors Data lab in West Chicago , IL is a good resource. See our Laboratories page. There are other confirming heavy metal tests your alternative medicine practitioner will do if indicated.

The nutrients known to be supportive of the immune system include beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, iodine, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Do not take more than 50,000 i.u. of vitamin A or 25 mg. daily of zinc with out telling your nutritionist. If you take zinc, you should take approximate1/10 the dosage in milligrams of copper with it. Zinc has a lot of effects in the body. Take it with guidance.

Omega 6 fatty acids are very good for the immune system. The best herbal immune support is echinacea. The product EchinaGuard Pro from Murdock, Madaus and Schwabe company was the one used in many of the studies. It is also available in health food stores under the Nature's Way label. Here is a good formula for immune stress such as colds, flu, etc. which works very well: Every two hours take 20 drops of Echinaguard Pro and one zinc lozenge of about 15 mg. Note: Echinacea is not to be taken habitually for prevention of illness, it is intended for support when the immune system is under stress only.


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