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Liver, Gall Bladder and Detoxification

Liver, Gall Bladder and Detoxification

 Liver, Gall Bladder and Detoxification

You will likely need to seek the services of an alternative medicine practitioner for any meaningful help in improving the function and performance of your liver and gall bladder. Frequently, liver function is overlooked in seemingly far removed conditions such as acne and fibromyalgia. Gall stones, gall bladder attack and related symptoms are seen daily by physicians but rarely does the medical doctor have anything to offer beyond prescriptions and surgery to improve the performance of your liver and gall bladder. You will need the services of a nutritionist or alternative medicine physician to consider the information we discuss herein.

Toxicity-related diseases are becoming a plague upon modern society. What are such diseases? Environmental or endogenous (formed inside the body) toxins can contribute to the development of degenerative diseases. Heavy metals (lead, mercury etc.), pesticides, industrial chemicals, herbicides, or household chemicals can be considered as toxicity related. Numerous studies have associated environmental toxins to cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and many others. Detoxification reactions take place in all cells of the body which pass the detox products along to the liver for elimination. About 25% of detoxification takes place in the intestines and the remainder is the responsibility of the liver.

The liver is a virtual cauldron of hundreds of chemical reactions going on continuously. It is so important that liver function tests are a component of every routine blood profile that your physician does. If you have had your blood tested probably liver tests were included. The same goes for gall bladder function. In addition to removing toxins received from the environment, the liver is responsible for conversion and neutralization of byproducts from normal metabolism Once these products are processed by the liver (detoxified) they are eliminated through the kidneys and bowel. Insufficient liver function can lead to accumulation of these toxic substances and consequent symptoms of fatigue and intolerance to exercise and a myriad of illnesses. The scientific literature has recently reported a relationship between impaired liver detoxification capability, dysfunction of the cells of the body, and chronic fatigue, for example.

There are certain functional tests for the liver that are not routine and probably your physician hasn't considered them. They are tests that measure the detoxification capability of your liver. You will be more likely to find an alternative medicine practitioner utilizing these tests. The current state-of-the-art test for liver detoxification is a simple procedure utilizing caffeine, Tylenol, and aspirin. After ingestion, the detoxification of these products is easily measured in the urine. The test is available from Great Smokies Lab and is called the “Detoxification Profile”. A companion test which your practitioner may want to consider is the “Oxidative Stress Analysis”. Low thyroid function is known to be a contributor to impaired liver detoxification so if there is any doubt, have your thyroid checked.

The nutritional support for the liver is complex and if you perform the Detoxification Profile mentioned above, the results of the test will include some suggestions for appropriate supplementation. The foundational support for the liver includes essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phosphatidylcholine, taurine, and acetyl-l-carnitine. The most common herbal supplement is silymarin which is Milk Thistle. B Complex vitamins are always essential as well as sulfur based amino acids such as methionine, cysteine and glutamine. Probably the most bioavailable amino acid supplement is N-acetyl cysteine. The minerals zinc and magnesium are important for liver function.

Nutrition protocols emphasize fruits and vegetables and high antioxidant foods. Alcohol should be avoided like the plague and saturated fats and partially hydrogenated fats should be minimized in the diet. Omega 3 fatty acids should be included, particularly fish oil, canola oil, flax oil, and some olive oil.

Most alternative medicine practitioners are familiar with the Metagenics company which is at the cutting edge in development of nutritional and medical foods. They offer products labeled "UltraClear" and "UltraClear Plus" which are compounded specifically for detoxification and restoration of the liver to health. The products include dietary protocols important in regaining healthy detoxification.

An excellent technical article discussing the detoxification role of the liver is "Emerging Clinical Science of Bifunctional Support for Detoxification" by DeAnn J. Liska, PhD and Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD published in the October 2002 issue of Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.

You can do an online self assessment of symptoms related to liver function and including other toxicity-related health conditions (Gastrointestinal, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Axis Stress, Wilson 's Syndrome, Hypothyroid, Food Allergies) listed below, Simply complete an online, interactive Comprehensive Health Assessment . It is an excellent inexpensive tool for evaluation of symptoms from a wide perspective, of great value to anyone pursuing better health.

Your Gallbladder

The gallbladder is a pouch about the size of a small egg which is attached to the under side of the liver. The liver drains bile and other materials including cholesterol into the gallbladder and from there, these materials are passed into the bowel. One major function of the bile is the breaking down of dietary fats in the intestine. The gallbladder is a nice organ to have and you should try to keep yours if you can. If you have gallbladder troubles, odds are, your physician has discovered it by now.

Unless threatening with severe attacks or stones a poorly functioning gallbladder should be given an opportunity to be returned to normal function. For example, few physicians know that food allergies have a paralytic effect on smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is the type of muscle found in the wall of the gallbladder and intestinal tract. If this muscle is not able to contract the gall bladder for emptying, then the stage is set for gallbladder problems. Medical studies have shown that consuming allergenic foods can precipitate a gallbladder attack. Other studies have discovered that people with hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) deficiency are more prone to gallbladder troubles.

The nutritional support for the gallbladder is essentially the same as that for the liver. In addition, vitamin C deficiency and vitamin E deficiency may be associated with cholesterol gallstones. Lecithin is one essential fatty acid which is known to increase the capacity of the bile to dissolve cholesterol.


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