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Anemia can be associated with many different medical conditions, some of which are serious. If you think you may be anemic you should definitely tell your doctor. Though most types of anemia are uncommon, there is one type that is common, that is iron deficiency anemia. We will limit our discussion here to iron deficiency anemia only. Any good nutritionist or alternative medicine practitioner should be able to help you with iron deficiency anemia. Anemia occurs when the blood loses its ability to carry oxygen via the red blood cells. Anything that causes a decrease in the number of red cells or a decrease in their oxygen carrying capacity can lead to anemia. Iron deficiency is the most common of those causes. Internal bleeding of known or unknown source can be a significant cause of anemia. Heavy menstrual flow or bleeding ulcers are examples.

The most common signs of developing anemia are chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, irritability or loss of concentration. Pale color of the skin is common.

Iron supplementation by your physician will be most likely. In addition, you should emphasize foods high in iron including red meat, liver (can be taken in capsules), blackstrap molasses, plenty of fruits and vegetables and eggs. You should avoid foods that interfere with absorption of iron including alcohol, sweets, dairy, chocolate, most nuts and beans, coffee and tea.

Dietary supplements include, of course, iron. You should use the product your doctor prescribes, however, he/she might not be aware that the most absorbable iron product is "heme" iron and the brand name is “Proferritin”. Ask if you can use it. B complex vitamins are very important, especially folic acid and vitamin B12. Vitamin C is helpful in the absorption of iron and you certainly want to be sure you have adequate production of stomach acid, HCl if you expect to absorb your iron. Click on the Gastrointestinal page of this web site below.

Speaking of absorption, do not take calcium, vitamin E, Tums or Rolaids, etc., or eat a lot of fiber at the same time as you take your iron. It will defeat the purpose. Take these products 3 hours removed from your iron supplement.


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